2 days out.

Well, it is Friday, and tomorrow J and I leave to head to Chicago. I will be spending a long morning in the car and then hopefully going for a quick shakeout run (even if it is just on the treadmill at the hotel!) to make sure that my legs are feeling ok after spending 5+ hours in the car. But I don't want to focus on that right now. I am definitely feeling nervous and would rather not worry too much about it right now.

The hay has been in the barn for a few weeks now, and now it REALLY is. Any last minute jitters or worries about the weather have been adjusted. I packed for cold weather and I packed for good/cool-warmish weather. As of this moment, it is looking like shorts + arm warmers will work. And I am really hoping for that. After all, I had big plans for those pop rogas to make it out!
So fingers crossed that Sunday morning is about 50* when we get started. If that is the case, I will be fine.

I want to talk about the things that I have been doing this week to make sure that I am as ready as possible for Sunday morning. So here is a little breakdown of my "week of marathon" routine.

1. Limit veggies. They can do some bad things to your stomach, so I try and avoid them somewhat in order to avoid potential GI distress.
2. No alcohol. Usually I might have a beer at dinner with J, but not this week. Not at all. I had one on Saturday night (nearly a week ago) when we went out to dinner, but that was it.
3. No new foods (see reason number 1).
4. Visualization. I have been picturing the clock with a 3:29:xx on it when I cross the finish line. And in my visualization, I burst into tears and practically fall down when I get there.
5. I have been reviewing my training log, but the GOOD runs. I have ignored the skipped stuff, ignored the runs that I quit early. I have focused on 2 strong 20 mile runs. Several 18. Every nailed speedwork (and I nailed most of them!) A full Yassos workout for the first time EVER with a 3:22/800m average. I mean...  Yassos have some meaning behind them. I am not going for that, necessarily, but...  It means I am ready to nail my goal.
6. Spend time with my lacrosse ball and foam roller. I saw Dr. Mike for the last time on Wednesday afternoon, and while I hope not to be in terrible pain again, I hope to get to work with him again.
7. Rest. In general. Lots of time with my legs up in the air.

Hopefully I have spent the week doing everything right. I feel good. I feel ready. So let's bring it on.


  1. I just signed up to track you!! I can't wait to see your hard work pay off :)
    GOOD LUCK!!!

  2. YES! I love it! You are so ready for this. Your body is ready, your mind is ready. I will be cheering you on from Seattle!


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