My final 20 - onto Chicago

So something happened on Saturday morning. You know the basics from my training recap post, but suffice to say, I ran a 20 miler on Saturday, approximately 2 weeks out from Chicago. I am going to taper HARD into the next two weeks, but after this run, I feel really good. If nothing else good comes out of this run, it was a confidence booster going into Chicago.

I had zero pace goals this time, just "go out and run. Run something that has a '2' in front of it." Those were Coach Jenn's instructions. So, to mix it up, I decided I was going to head out to Lunken, the site of the infamous (and one of my favorite training runs EVER!) Fleet Feet sponsored 20/12. So here is the route I ended up following.
It is different than the 20/12 route because I did not go up into Hyde Park (next time I definitely am!) because honestly, I did not want to climb the hill on Delta that goes past J's old apartment. But when I got downtown, I was feeling brave and decided to go for it with the bridges. I ran the three bridges that are most frequently seen in downtown Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky races including the Thanksgiving Day Race and the Flying Pig.

This included the Taylor Southgate bridge (into Newport), the Veteran's Memorial Bridge (from Newport to Covington over the Licking River - I spied a bunch of crew clubs down on the river as I crossed!) and then the Clyde Wade Bailey Bridge back to Cincinnati.

And here are my splits (all of them).
So while this was not as fast as my first twenty, I feel much better for it than I did after that run. I am SUPER happy with this run. And that is what counts. At least, that is what I think. Although the elevation here does not really show it, the bridges are some TOUGH running, so I am really happy.


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