Errands with the Roo

So on Sunday, because Saturday was a rough day for me, I set out to do the things with Addie that I wanted to get done over the weekend without her daddy. J was out of town for several days, so we had a few things that we needed to do.

One of the things on our list was to get underpants for Addie. She has been doing awesome with her potty training, and her daycare suggested we get some for her (and they will keep her in pull ups at naptime). So Target was on our agenda for the day. I knew that they would likely have disney toddler underpants, and obviously, all of her favorite things these days are disney. So after a breakfast of pancakes, scrambled eggs and fruit, we got dressed in our matching outfits (running shorts, toms, and zip up hoodies - having a daughter is awesome!) and headed out to Target.

First stop - all things toddler!
Success on the underwear front! She picked Minnie and Sofia the First! I talked her out of Frozen, assuming that they would make those in bigger sizes, whereas they might not make these bigger. We also got her winter coat (no talking this girl out of all things pink. Ugh.) because it was on sale and they had one she liked.

I saw this baseball tee and found it in her size and was CRAZY tempted. But I resisted. The fact that she said it was yucky helped me to resist. She definitely doesn't need more clothes right now.
I love it anyway. I did not see it in the women's or juniors department or I definitely would have bought it.

As we continued through the store, making a quick stop in the entertainment section - trying to come up with some Christmas ideas for the hubs, we were both struck by a preview that was on the TV. "Whoa... PRINCESS" was Addie's actual response, and admittedly, they picked the most awesome part of the whole movie to show while we were standing there, two girls who admittedly can be drawn to pretty things... Cinderella dress transforming into that beautiful blue... It was the new live action one. So guess what we came home with and watched right away.
I have already seen this once on a plane, but admittedly, I was pretty much a 10 year old girl when watching it. I got excited, teary eyed, etc. So...  Yeah, I couldn't help it. I am a girl sometimes about some stuff. Especially movies and music. That stuff always has me emotional. I admit it.

We settled in to watch it as soon as we got home.
Yes, that is her new coat and she is wearing it in the house (because she said "on Momma!" as soon as I got it out of the bag). She got all comfy in her chair and I turned on "Princess Rella!" (as she says) right away. We had a nice morning...


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