Chicago Training: Week of September 14

I have been training for Chicago since May. Granted, the first several weeks were likely Jenn and I getting a feel for each other before she threw true paces and tough stuff at me, but my mileage started increasing almost right away. After running GCM conservatively this spring, I was pretty well based to start kicking things up right away. And we did. And now... here we are... Entering taper.

I am at the three week to go mark. In fact, three weeks from yesterday would be the exact timing. I am super nervous and I cannot believe that we are already here. Admittedly, all of this is self brought pressure by declaring my goals very early on (the BQ!) and I also know that I am the only one who will be upset with myself if I don't make it. Jenn won't care, my bird teammates won't care, and Addie and J will be proud no matter what.

I have to keep that in mind to keep the nerves down. There is no reason to be nervous, right?

So let's do a quick peak week recap.

Monday: 11 miles plus strides. 11.53 total miles at 8:22 average pace.
Tuesday: 8 easy miles, 8:47 average pace.
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: 9.61 miles including 6 @ 7:41 pace. 4x 30s strides (this run deserves its own entry). 2.6 mile walk SUPER slowly
Friday: Long walk with the dogs - no watch, about an hour.
Saturday: a 22 mile fail. I ran 9 and then was done. I was cramped up still from Thursday, and my legs just felt so heavy. It was not great.
Sunday: another 9 miles. All I could fit in at naptime. I almost quit at 7 when I accidently hit a button on my treadmill, making it reset. I screamed and started crying. Not good.

There was also a BOATLOAD of foam rolling, lacrosse ball action, and core work throughout the week. I did some core (even just a few 30s planks) every single day, and spent about 30 minutes on core strength (including air squats, push ups, and my regular core work) twice.

49.74 total miles. Some unlogged walking mileage (pup walk). strength. core. mobility.

Now...  I don't know WHAT comes next with a multi-fail long run. That caused MANY MANY tears (in fact, I am crying now).


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