Chicago Marathon: Week of September 21

I am through one more week of training. I am one week closer to the Chicago Marathon, and stuff is really starting to get real now. I am less than two weeks out. In fact, two weeks from today, I will be waking up in my hotel bed in Chicago, likely kind of stiff from the events of the previous day, hopefully not feeling too terrible. The marathon will be over. Hard to believe.

But I don’t want to focus on it being over just yet, I still need to get through these last few weeks successfully, so let's look at Chicago training, week...  whatever number this week is, only two weeks to go!
So, after last week, Coach Jenn and I had a call on Monday (well-timed, right?) and once again she told me that I needed to quit being so damn hard on myself. (I know, I know...  she is right, all of you are right...) And we adjusted my long run schedule slightly. She told me I should give an attempt to get one more long run that started with a 2 and another number after it, and just do a two week taper. She said she thought that a two week "hard taper" would probably be good for me because it would give me less time to think about it. Yeah, she is probably right...

Stuff got pretty real on Friday with some of the mail that I got.
So let's look at the week in workouts. Despite adding a final 20 mile run to the schedule on Saturday, we did not alter the rest of the week at all. Jenn thought that maybe being semi-rested on the way in to the long run, I might feel better and be more likely to knock it out. So here was the week:

Monday: 7 miles with 4x 30s strides. 7.45 total miles.
Tuesday: 40 minutes elliptical, strength training
Wednesday: 6 miles easy, 8:47 average pace
Thursday: 6 miles with 6x 45s surges, 7:57 average pace
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 20 mile long run, no pace goals
Sunday: OFF

So I guess that means now it is REALLY time to taper? As of the time of composing this entry (on Saturday), I did not have my schedule for the last two weeks yet, but I am sure I can do this. I am SURE I can do this.


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