An interrupted tempo

Continuing to review last week... Again, I have had enough of talking about the long run that wasn't... I had a rough weekend. Having my kiddo all by myself, needing to run 22 miles, the heat, everything... I mean, I definitely do not want to revisit that feeling any more. I need to move on from it.

But because I don't want to talk about that, let's talk about my tempo run. I had a rough tempo in addition to the failed long run. It was just a bad week overall, I guess. And that hurts because this was the week that I was really supposed to perform. This was the week that was supposed to make me feel like I was fully trained, fully prepared, ready to take on Chicago.

Instead, the week left me feeling crappy. Questioning the entire cycle of training. And wondering what was happening with me and my mental state. Jenn has come through for me. She has faith in me, but I don't have it in myself. If I am going to succeed, I have to believe in myself. I need that more than anything right now.

So on my tempo. Thursday, I took off from the office. I was having kind of a rough day at work, and I needed the run. I needed it badly. I had my watch set up and I was ready to run. I ran my first mile, about 8:22 and then took off at the mile. After the next mile, my stomach had jumped up into my throat. I was feeling terrible. I stopped, covered in sticky disgusting sweat that was pouring down my face in front of the Jimmy Johns that I used to visit back in our days of living in Blue Ash. I emptied my stomach into those bushes and then stood there still for a few minutes. Eventually, I pushed myself to keep going on to the track.

After running three (of 7) tempo miles and multiple dry heaves into a trash can at the track, I gave up. I laid down on the football field (which was turf, so I actually got all of these little rubbery things all over my back and the back of my legs) and just laid there until I could stand again. There is a chance that I blacked out briefly because when I was able to sit back up, my watch had timed out. I don't know how long that takes, but I know it is several minutes, and it beeps at 10 second intervals before shutting down.

Anyway, I text Jenn, and walked back to my office. It was probably the slowest walk ever. Seriously... I just dragged back to my office. But I got there, and based on some advice from Jenn, I figured out how to finish the run...

That night after Roo went to bed, I did 5 miles + strides on the treadmill. 3 of the 5 were at slightly faster than marathon pace (at 7:41) to make for 9 total miles for the day and 6 at tempo pace.
I was super freaking sweaty, but it was done. At least there was that last week.


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