A little bit of work

So as a general rule, I like to stay away from posts about my job. It is a pretty personal thing, and we are a relatively small company, so sometimes posting about it might be frowned upon. I think you know that I am an accountant and that I did go back to working full time after the Roo was born, but that might be all you know.

It has been a rough year. Not from a learning, fearing for my job daily kind of place, but just from the fact that we are a company that is in growth mode and I work on a highly functioning, highly efficient team. That means that there is a ton of work to get done, and not necessarily enough time to do it all, but we are making do and doing the best that we can. This year at work has kind of been about powering through and making it work.
(Thank you Tim Gunn for always making me happy. Even as Baileywick on Sofia - which is the main place I get to see you these days)

Things kind of came to a head last week, leading to some intensity, even more hours, and a few difficult conversations with the CFO/President. He and I get along great, and we have a very very good rapport, but that does not necessarily make conversations like these any easier.

I have a lot of high hopes that this conversation will make things smooth out around this place and that we, as a team, can move forward with strength.


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