What We Ate This Week

So, J and I are really starting to get better about planning our meals (which adds to healthier eating and going out less). If you followed me when he and I first started living together (all the way back in 2010!) We ate at Buffalo Wild Wings at least three times per week. The waitress at the BWW closest to our house knew us well and helped us out a lot (for example, she pulled off getting us a BIG table on J's birthday one day when they were pretty crowded). So yeah, obviously that is not the healthiest way to be.

But since moving to our new house in April 2014, we have been making much more of an effort to plan our meals every week and go out a maximum of once per week. There are times when we are not so successful, and usually when that happened, it would be one pizza night and one night out. Honestly, that is not so bad, but that is not the norm. It is usually something that happens if we end up getting stuck at work and plans are just not easy to accomplish quickly. Then I might call the pizza shop on the way home and Addie and I will swing in through there and grab a pizza before heading home. Then we can get everyone's meals dished out so when J gets home, we can sit down and eat!

But, obviously we are doing our best to avoid that by planning our meals over the weekend and shopping to that plan. So here is what we have done (and plan to do) this week:

Sunday: grilled chicken sandwiches with salads and grilled vegetables.
Monday: Fried rice bowls with chicken
(the original plan involved noodles, but with a sick kiddo, I went with rice. More binding in the gut!)
Tuesday: Grill out brats and herb roasted potatoes (foil pack)
Wednesday: Dream dinner pasta with meatballs
Thursday: fish tacos, corn on the cob
Friday: homemade pizza with salads
Saturday: out

As you can see, we do make an effort to consume more veggies than we used to, and I am pretty pleased with the way that things go for us when we use this method of eating. On Monday, I was home with a sick kid, and I used that time to cook some chicken that we could use during the week for various meals. As a topping for the pizza, for salads, and in the noodle bowls that I made that night. It was a pretty good plan, and although staying home with a sick kids stinks, I was glad to be able to accomplish something that day (along with ensuring that my posts for the week were written!)


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