The All-Star Game Experience

So, believe it or not, there is a BIT more to my life than running and Addison. Although those things make up a lot of it! I also really really like baseball. I am a Tigers fan, always have been, but I really enjoy getting to new ballparks in new cities. J and I always plan a baseball game in our vacation trips, and we rarely go to a city where there is NOT baseball (I would say Vegas is an exception).

This year, our city is the host to the All-Star Game, and we have been lucky enough to be a part of some of the festivities.
Obviously, the mustache as been a big deal, and a lot of fun. They are all over the city right now, I believe there are 13 in all, if I heard correctly. Honestly, I have only seen 2 of them, but whatever. I love that they have painted the downtown building that I used to work in to look like Mr. Redlegs.
My old floor is painted like part of the mustache. So cool.

We had tickets to a few different events courtesy of Scotts Lawn Care. J's cousin Chris works for them and since we live in the city, he helped us get hooked up. Saturday, post-long run, we were going to all do the Color Run (All-Star Game edition) together. I have done one Color Run previously, so I knew going in that it was not really going to be a "running" event, so I got all of my mileage beforehand, instead of doing 11 and then running the last three at the Color Run. I am glad I did it that way, as the color run was CROWDED.

(You have to wear the headband. I am pretty sure it is mandatory.)

After the run and then pouring color all over each other, we headed to the Cincinnatian to shower. It was tough to get all of that cornstarch off, when I started washing my hair, I ended up with piles of purple foam. We had to wipe down the shower that we used because we felt bad about it.

We then headed over to the FanFest to get the full experience. We both got our own baseball cards made (me in a Tigers uniform, J in a Reds), J played a virtual umpire game.
That seemed super weird, and honestly, it kind of gave me some anxiety, so I did not play. But J said it was pretty cool. We also walked through the swag store, checking out everything that they had available with the logo on it. J wanted a hat, but unfortunately, they did not have one that looks good that had what he wanted. He wanted a Reds hat with the full ASG logo on it (pictured above) but they only had ones with this logo on them:
It is ok, but it is not as cool as the other.

Monday night, we had tickets for the Homerun Derby. We definitely were excited to be able to go to that, as that was going to be cooler than the actual game (at least that was what we decided.) And now I can check that off the bucket list. All-star game: check!

I was a LITTLE bit excited.

And the hometown guy winning? It was the most exciting thing I have ever been a part of!


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