Sock Love

So I want to take this post to rave about some socks that I recently started to wear. As a runner, I am generally pretty picky about athletic gear. From finding shorts that don't chafe me, tanks that breathe enough, bras that give enough support for my smallish chest, and shoes that do not cause blisters, I have tried tons of different products. The one thing that I have never been SUPER particular about is socks.

I have all kinds of preferences with socks. I have been known to LOVE balega in general, but have often hesitated to spend $12-ish on a pair of socks. But I have gotten pairs for gifts or on sale cheap and I do really like them. But I have also enjoyed Swiftwick socks, Feetures, and have worn some cheap socks purchased in 6-packs in some kind of sporting goods store.

I have grown to be pretty particular with my compression socks as can be seen here:

But this is not about that...  I want to talk about other socks and my new love. BOMBAS.
After receiving these socks I kept them in my drawer until my long run. For some reason, I have in my head that I should save new things for special runs. I am not sure what a special run is, exactly, but in this particular case, I decided that a long run was a special run. So last Saturday morning, before we ran the color run, I popped on a pair of bombas out of the packaging that they were sent to me in and as soon as I put them on my feet... ahh...
(This is the post I put on instagram about the fact that I was in love before running, and hoping that I was going to enjoy them AS much when I started running!)

As previously mentioned, I ran 14 on that day. And then I headed out and ran the color run as well. I stayed in my same disgusting top and socks (just disgusting because of sweat!) for the color run, and just changed shorts. But the socks helped me get through 17+ miles in one day, and felt my feet feeling awesome.

I have worn them for every single run since then. I wore them Monday and Wednesday, I wore them on Thursday for a tough tempo run. I AM IN LOVE.
So if you have not found what sock it is that you want to run in (non-compression) I highly recommend you look into Bombas. I discovered they were on Shark Tank (and made a deal), and have continued to look into them to learn about them as a company and their product.

I purchased these socks (and all of the pro socks) with my own money and just wanted to share something that I found!


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