So... What's next?

So it has been so long since I have been writing consistently that I am not even sure I have gone in to ANY detail on what my goals and plans are going forward.

This spring, I trained for and ran a pretty dramatic half marathon PR. I think that I was capable of even more than what I ran, BUT I was coming off of injury, so I am going to take that for what it was. A fantastic and conservative race. I spent the spring running, but I never really pushed pace too much and I rarely pushed distance. I followed my plan, but it seemed like an after thought.

I got back into lifting a bit more this spring, and I was really enjoying tossing around some heavy weights again, especially in the squatting and deadlifting arena. I got up to 110 lbs in a back squat, for 5 sets of 5! So while that may not seem like much for a lot of people, that is nearly my body weight, and it certainly was not a one rep max kind of weight. It felt good to be strong again, so I am trying to keep up with the strength training, even when it is more bodyweight type exercise.

And that is what it has been recently, because after spending a morning in a room with some work friends viewing the Boston Marathon, the marathon bug bit again. And this time, I was setting the goal from the beginning. Earn my Boston qualifying time. I rolled into that as my big fat hairy A goal for Columbus.

So now, I am going for it. And I am going to be training for Chicago.
I have not run this race before, and it is supposed to be a great course, and I am really looking forward to it.

I have started working with Jen Goff, and so far working with her has been amazing. She makes my plan 4 weeks at a time, we talk on the phone once a month, and we email back and forth regularly. I give her updates every week, that way she can adjust my paces as needed and she can talk me off a ledge when I need it (all the time). And example of this "talking me off the ledge" was when I got super busy and completely missed a long run. I got out for 4 late at night on Sunday, and I was supposed to do 12 on Saturday morning. Her response was "oh LIFE got in the way?" And honestly, that reminded me... I am not a professional runner. I do this for FUN because I love it.

One missed run will not kill me. And I am going to be strong and prepared for this marathon.


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