Ragnar Wasatch Back: Runner 3, Leg 3

Following my leg, Emma FLEW downhill (we were not at the exchange point when she arrived as we had estimated the time it would take her incorrectly - way to go, all of us), Wendy ran a pretty long one, and Luisa finished things off for the team. By the time we were through our vans legs, we were all pretty wiped out. "Resting" (because there was definitely not much sleeping) on the grass a few hours before did nothing for us. We decided to drive immediately to the next exchange and hang out there, hopefully getting a little sleep in the vans. It was still pretty chilly out, so we skipped the grass sleeping and opted for weird van positions. I was mostly impressed with Jes, who seemed to have the position to sleep in FIGURED OUT.

After a few hours of hanging out and semi-sleeping, a few girls got up to seek breakfast. They had eggs and pancakes for sale at the exchange but NO COFFEE! Seriously, WTF? We have been up running all night. Coffee is NECESSARY.

Leana and I showing how happy we are to have to get up and start running again!

It was not terribly long before we started stripping out of our sweats to get running again. I had a bit of a resurgence in energy (and also hunger - downed a TON of cheez-its) and was feeling ready to get the show on the road. After my leg would be over, I would be able to relax. We headed down to the line when we had a message from the other van saying that they would be there shortly. 

Soon enough Leana was off and running her third leg and we progressed on to the various exchange points. When we were waiting for Leana (her route was unsupported), the other van came to that exchange point because there was indoor (gym floor) sleeping at that exchange point. Admittedly, I was a little jealous that they were going to go lay down, spread out, and get some potential REAL sleep, but I am sure they were thinking "oh man, Van 1 is going to be DONE running soon." So it is fair, I guess?

My leg was supposed to be between 5.2 and 6.2 miles, it was a "choose your own exchange". So basically, you parked randomly within a one mile range. Then you just exchange wherever within that one mile. This was our second exchange like this, but the first one that I had. Because Jes's run was scheduled to be between 2.5 and 3.5 miles, we decided that her's would end up longer, shortening mine, as she was definitely the strongest runner on our team. The folks in the van and I found where we thought the exchange was, and moved our way to the area where there was a group of volunteers. 

When Jes arrived, I took off.
This route had a big climb with a big drop. It also was a single track trail in the mountains. It was the most technically difficult run I have ever had, and in reality, my first experience with trails. It was a slow go, as you will have with trails, and sometimes I had to stop and walk (but for once, not because of me needing it! It was now because of the difficult trails with other people walking). I was trying to not pay attention to my watch. But by the time we got to the downhill, I was feeling great and ready to cruise.

I finished up 7.2 miles in 1:09:23. Please note. 7.2 miles? And Jess ran over 4! So I would say that the estimates and stuff were a little bit off for this section of the race. But it is what it is, and I was done running. 
Van 1 - done running!

After getting through the rest of the legs of the race, our van headed back to our condo to eat, relax, watch TV, etc, until we needed to go and meet up to finish the race together (with Kate, who was our final runner). We ordered a few pizzas, took showers, picked up beers at a grocery store (some for us with our pizza, and the rest for later that night when the other girls were done running). And we mostly sat. On non-van seats. And dozed a bit. It was great.

A few hours later we were off to midway and the finish line. It was time to meet Van 2 and finish the race with Kate. And soon after, we were finished.

Overall, I had an awesome experience, and the relay bug is back. I am ready to go.


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