Ragnar Wasatch Back: Runner 3, Leg 2

When we all finished up with our first legs, we got to meet up with Van 2, who I understand spent a leisurely morning sleeping in and eating at Perkins while we were out surviving on coffee and peanut butter (well, maybe the peanut butter part was just me. That was one of my prerace purchases at Target).

After seeing Robyn off to run leg 7, van one headed into Ogden (Jes's town!) to find a bite to eat. We ended up at a restaurant pretty similar to squatters the night before, except this time no beer was consumed and salads were eaten by all (we needed to get some green in, I think!)
After eating, we headed right to the next major exchange, figuring maybe we could get a few hours of rest. We were again at a high school - I cannot remember what town we were in - and we went on a hunt for a spot of grass in the shade. It was still hot when we first got there, and getting a spot in the shade was difficult. But it was not long before we needed to head back to the van to get sweats, blankets and hoodies. It got cold quickly!
I do not have any pics of the overnight legs. We all had our iphones away (and our hands in our pockets! It really was cold!) My second leg was 3.6 miles, with a HUGE climb in it. When I saw on the map it was over 500 ft, I was like, "eh, that is not too bad. It should be no sweat." Nope, I was wrong about that for sure. 500 feet of climbing is a lot of climbing. The other problem that I had was a bit of confusion. I was kind of in the zone at the beginning of the run. My legs felt good. I was ready to cruise (and I was still be naive about my climb). But there was definitely some ill marked moves. There was no sign to turn, but there was a big road closed sign. I followed the runner in front of me (and a few followed me, and the runner in front of me was following a few) and made a right turn, down a small hill and into a park.

As it turned out, that was the same park that we had just exited at transition. Ugh. So basically a group of about 8 of us (and by my understanding, several more!) just ran an extra loop! Because of the dark, I had no idea how much extra I had run at this point, but figured, oh well, let's just keep running. I mean, what else could I do? My run started right around 1 am, it was dark and I was wearing all my safety gear headed out into a climb on a two lane highway. Let's just get it done.

The climb started at about 1 mile into the run (per the ragnar bible with all of the maps in it), and it felt ok at first. We were kind of winding around a mountain, so despite the dark, it was kind of fun. But then when things started to get a bit steeper, the wheels came off. I had to walk. I just was not in my game AT ALL. As I was noticing my watch (usually only when it beeped after a mile), I realized how much extra that little loop in the beginning had cost me. When I reached the 1 mile to go sign, I had already covered 3.6 miles (the length I was supposed to run in total!). I was walking. It was the middle of the night. I was climbing. Still. Suffice to say, I was a little bit in a rough mood at this point. Ugh.

But after seeing the 1 mile to go sign, walking a little more, I got over myself and picked things backup. Knowing I was only supposed to run 3.6 miles, my team was going to be wondering where I was. I was going to be 8-10 minutes behind because of my extra mile, and that is not taking into account any of the walking! Eventually, I reached the top and the exchange point. I ran 4.6 miles in 42:15.


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