Progress & Happiness

Would you look at that? I am posting on 5 straight days! Who AM I? Regardless, I am pretty pleased that I have been able to get somewhat back in a habit, trying to knock out posts, knowing that it has been a goal of mine to really try and get back to where I was with posting in 2014. Things have just been neverending at the office, so I am trying to find a balance again. I miss writing. I miss this place as the outlet for my frustrations and an outlet for triumphs.

Sometimes I have definitely felt like the only triumph I have to my name is this little nugget.
She's making "awt".

And she is obviously one of the biggest (if not the biggest) triumph I have had. But she is certainly NOT the only, so I am not sure why I get down on myself about it. Truly.

I have been making "life progress" lately. Continually updating my goals, my lists, myself, in order to become someone better, someone more. I have been trying to use the tools that I have been taught by my therapist in order to get over any humps that I have had recently. It is helping. Thinking about it, checking in, and coming to whatever unrealistic expectation that I may be having is getting me there. I know that I am making daily progress, and honestly, most days I feel like I am on more stable footing than I have been in years. I am pleased as punch with that. I hope that J can see it in me. Because some days have been REALLY tough. But you know what? I am getting better. I am getting stronger.


I am happy.


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