Kiddo Update - 1 month 'til 2!

So... Addison will be two in less than a month. TWO!!! How the heck did I become the mother of a two  year old? (FYI - for the curious...  We are still undecided on number 2. I plan to give it more serious thought after Chicago, kind of depending on whether I get my Boston time or not... We will see where things go.)

But let's do an update on the girl, so you can see how much she has grown.
Water day!

Now that I am dealing with an almost two year old, you have to learn two year old logic. "If you eat two bites of your carrots you can have a cookie" Yup. I did that. I definitely went into this motherhood thing thinking "I eat pretty well. I like to eat pretty well. I am sure that my kid will be on board with that as well." Nope. Not the case. I have been flexing my kid logic in order to get her to do what she SHOULD be doing.

She also loves TV. I know, I know. It is bad. But we have gotten in to where she is allowed one half hour show per night. Most nights she does not complain anymore. And this was an adjustment for J and I as well, because we usually just have the TV on for background noise. We had to stop that when we realized she was getting sucked into whatever we were watching. But her favorites for before bedtime are all Disney Junior shows, Sofia the First, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Doc McStuffins.

And like most little girls at one point or another, she is OBSESSED with Frozen. "Anna/Elsa, TV!" is one of her most frequently repeated phrases. She sings the songs. She gasps when Anna and Elsa's parents boat is in the storm. She laughs at all the right things. She thinks Hans is "naughty". And admittedly, this Frozen obsession is completely my fault. I had not seen it, so I wanted to watch it the first time, and it was over immediately. Girl loves it.

But, it is not ALL princesses, cookies, and TV at our house. We also do yoga together.
Play the piano.
We are fashionistas.
We work on using the potty like a Big Girl.
And we play golf with Dada.
She has her drama queen moments, but overall, she is a pretty awesome kid. And I love her. A whole lot.


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