Hip and Glute Tension - Ew

So I have been dealing with a little bit of a tight hip/glute for a few days now. Not painful, just tight, so I have been working on trying to figure out the best way to handle it, break up whatever is going on, and be feeling great again as soon as possible.

I wish that I was capable of flexibility like this.
Maybe that could help a little bit with loosening things up. (Yup, crumbs from her dessert, a cookie, all over!)

But I am not, so instead I am spending time in this position.

I am also researching you tube for videos of different stretches and ways to hit trigger points in the hip and glute just because I am willing to do whatever right now. Training is going well, and so I do not want anything to get worse or turn into any kind of injury. I have gone back to a lot of the PT exercises that I learned last summer, along with the obvious release stuff and stretching. Whatever I can do to help, right? Take care of twinges now so they do not turn into problems later!

Have you ever had high glute/hip pain? How did you fix it?


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