Chicago Training: Week of July 13

Another week of Chicago training has been checked off. Seriously, other than a few issues with some heat and humidity (which is NOTHING like it has been in the past!) training has been going fantastic. I definitely cannot believe how quickly time is going in July. The race is in October, and suddenly that does not feel all that far away. Eeek!

So another week has progressed, so let's take a look at home my training for the last week shook out.

Monday: 7.6 treadmill miles including 4x 30s strides. 8:19 average pace. Core
Tuesday: 50 minutes on the elliptical, body weight strength circuit
Wednesday: 6 mile easy run, 8:56 average pace
Thursday: 8.53 mile run. 6 tempo miles (goal was 7:50 pace. I ran slightly fast). warm up, cool down. and 4x 30s strides. 7:55 average pace. Core.
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 14 mile progressive. Goal was 5 miles at 8:30, 5 miles at 8:10, 4 miles at 7:55. BOOM. This run was super tough due to the heat as well as the fact that I potentially ate poorly on Friday night. But I hit all my splits, just slightly faster than planned. I guess then we need tconsider it a success, right?
Sunday: One hour walk with Addie and the dog.

36.1 miles run. One elliptical workout. 2 core workouts. One strength workout. And one walk. Overall, I would say I had another pretty successful week, and I am pleased with it. Hard to believe that I have less than three months to go. Eeek!


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