Arrival in SLC and dinner with the team

So, relaying. It has been a while since my racing has seen that kind of action. I really did not think that it was something that I missed because it is hard, you don't get much sleep, and I was kind of nervous about the new team. None-the-less I was in Utah from June 18-21, relaying in van 1 of a team of 12.

I returned home late Sunday night (ok, really early Monday morning, around 1:15 am) from being in Utah. I left to go there SUPER early last Thursday morning - leaving my house at 3:15 am to drive an hour and a half for a flight at 6:30 am. I am pretty sure that I did not need to be there 2 hours early for one of the first flights of the day, but better safe than sorry? And I was flying out of Dayton...  the things I will do for a cheap flight (but I refuse to do again - that sucked)...

While I was excited to meet some girls that I have never met before in real life like Paulette, Wendy, Leana, among others (those three just have blogs to link to!), I was nervous about being away from J and Roo and hanging out with a bunch of people I had never met before.

Turned out, yes, I did miss J and Roo, but meeting the team was no trouble whatsoever. All of us got along very well and had a lot of fun! So here is my team!

Van 1:
Runner 1 - Leana
Runner 2 - Jess
Runner 3 - ME!
Runner 4 - Em
Runner 5 - Wendy
Runner 6 - Luisa

Van 2:
Runner 7 - Robyn
Runner 8 - Paulette
Runner 9 - Farron
Runner 10 - Jessica
Runner 11 - Marilyn
Runner 12 - Kate

Obviously, as is the case for relays, I spent more time with Van 1, since that was who I ran with and rode with in between, but I definitely loved the gals from Van 2 as well, and I really hope to spend more time with them in the future. J and I are possibly headed to Seattle in August, (TBD) but hopefully I can see a few of the girls then.

Anyway, upon my arrival at the SLC airport, Kate and Leana were waiting for me. There were a few of us who had relatively early flights, so I was kind of glad not to be the first one at the airport. By the time they fetched me, Jessica was getting off of her plane, so we headed back into the airport to get her. The SLC airport is pretty big, and the layout was confusing at first, but now I am pretty much used to it. I walked around it a lot this past weekend.

Once the four of us were together, we headed off for a "second breakfast" - at least, that is what it was for me. Here in Ohio it was practically lunchtime. With an order of toast, scrambled eggs, bacon and of course, coffee, I felt much more ready to face the day. We gathered a few others as they arrived, and were finally ready to leave the airport. Paulette had rented the vans on her account, so when she was there, we split up into the two cars and headed to the hotel that we had booked rooms at for the evening. We had plans to head to Target to purchase the food that we would need and also to get more coffee (obviously) and then we had a late evening dinner reservation at a brew pub called Squatters.

Squatters had a lovely mural painted on the wall which really set the tone of the restaurant. It made me feel as though this was a happy place, a place to relax and the correct place for us to have selected for our prerace meal and beers. I had a burger after Jess (runner number 2) recommended the burgers, and she was definitely correct in her suggestion. It was delicious. I also drank two beers. Their wheat and their summer were my selections, and they were both great!
I love this picture. We were still missing a few at this point. Farron and Emma had not yet arrived. Farron had a late flight and Emma had to work that day and then had a 4 hour drive into Salt Lake. I am sad that it is not a full team photo, but 10/12 is not too bad!

Posing for a van 1 + Kate photo before heading back to our hotel. This time we got Emma in the shot! (She arrived at the restaurant in time for a quick bite and a beverage!)

I am really sorry for the delay in posting anything on this, and this does not even begin to touch anything that actually deals with running (other than carb-loading?) but it is what I have right now... Hopefully now that one of my big work projects is off my plate, I will be able to start updating as I might like to? I have my fingers crossed on that one...


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