A busy weekend as a solo parent

Things have been pretty busy over here. This past weekend, while I was busy running 16 miles on the treadmill (I am proud that I did it. I am happy that it is over.) J was out playing golf for the weekend with Jamie. Jamie and J play golf for a weekend multiple weekends per summer, although since I have been preggo/had a baby, they are sticking to closer to home. This year, there was some discussion of going up to Toledo and then Addie and I could hang out there, and J & Jamie would go to the Ann Arbor area for golf, but that just didn't happen.

So they played 18 holes on Friday, 36 Saturday, and 18 on Friday. Addie and I met up with them for a meal at a wing place that Jamie loves (it is always a great excuse to go there! J does not like to go that often and it is one of my favorites.)
It is kind of nice to have company at our house in the evening, without me needing to worry about entertaining anyone. So I am glad to have a few visitors. All that this has involved me was washing the sheets on our guest beds before anyone arrived. And generally, that is pretty well done beforehand, because I stripped the beds and washed the sheets the last time someone left. And now I am washing them again. So easy peasy. :)

So I had the weekend duty of entertaining a kiddo. I am planning a post to go over some ideas to entertain a two year old that are much more do-able when you do not have any help. But for now, let's just talk about the fact that I managed to get through another weekend with a kiddo solo. Those are not fun or easy weekends. My hats off to all stay-at-home-moms as well as to single parents, because holy crap.

There were walks, a movie (on our TV at home, I was not taking a kid to the movies solo!), swimming, playing outside in her kid pool, parks, everything! So I am GLAD to have survived.


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