A rough 10, but still. 10.

I KNOW that I have been really lousy about posting lately, and at some point, I really need to get back into the habit. I MISS writing. Everything about me needs this outlet. And here I have been completely slacking off on this, not writing how I feel I need to, and as a result, my head is getting really cloudy.

The fog that settles over my head causes motivation to come in slowly and difficultly. I am not even sure that difficultly is a word, but it is not coming up on spell-check, so I am calling it a win? Sunday, June 14th was an example of that. I really needed to log 10 miles as part of my slow build to Chicago. I have nailed all of my mileage so-far, and did not want that particular day to be any different. Never mind the fact that I had probably walked 10 miles per day on both Thursday and Friday. Nevermind the fact that I had traveled and basically just sat on an airplane for the entire day on Saturday. Mileage must be done!

Oh, and the fact that we were a bit stressed after arriving home from our trip the night before and learning that there was a point in time over the weekend where there was water POURING down the side of our house (!!!) So honestly, we spent the morning getting up slowly, hanging out with our kiddo that we had not seen in a few days (a week for J!) and dealing with the stress of a leak. So I did not even start running until around 12:30 pm when the temperature was 85* and the dew point was 70.

Obviously, that seems like a great time to start running, right? So I dressed in some spandex and a tank, got out my visor and some sunscreen and immediately chickened out and headed to the basement to spend some quality time with my treadmill.

I clicked on the next episode of Parenthood (where my netflix allegiance lies currently), and hopped on the treadmill starting at my "maintenance pace" (6.8). I increased it every mile, and by 4 miles, I could not STAND it anymore and got off. I went upstairs, told J I had it, and I NEEDED to go outside. I was going to do the last 6 miles outside even if I had to walk (Yes, this was a declaration that I made). I had to hunt down my watch (it was NOT where I left it when I left for Vegas, but it is ok, I have it now) and ended up unable to find it, so I grabbed my phone off of the charger and booted up the runcoach app.

As soon as I stepped outside, I was full of regret. It was SO HOT. But no, I said I was going to do this, so I started running. My legs felt like lead. The air was so hot. I was sweating instantly and moving very slowly. My first mile clocked in at 9:06. Ugh. I don't even go that slowly on easy days. But I tried to remember how hot it was, and that I am only base building, so just keep on rolling. I ended up cruising through 3.2 miles (at a 9/mile average pace) before I could not handle it. I was seriously afraid of getting hurt (and yes, I was carrying water). So in the house I went, collapsed on the carpet which made J say "oh, is it hot?"
Yep. It is hot.

Eventually I made it back down to the treadmill and rocked out the last 2.8 miles, so I managed to get all 10 as needed.

I am calling it a win. And again, stating, I have GOT to stop running in the middle of the afternoon OUTSIDE! Stupid!


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