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So…  now that I am through my Spring goal race, it is obviously time to start planning ahead, working on the next goal. And sometime around April 15, marathon fever started to set in. I don’t know what it is about the Spring that makes me want to train for a full marathon (not to mention chase BIG dreams), but once again, I am there.

As usual, watching Boston on Marathon Monday, or Patriots Day, definitely continued to inspire and make me realize that the BQ dream is definitely still there, even though I stepped back from it this spring. I was feeling mentally unable to get there when training first started this winter. I just did not have it in me for the long runs this winter, especially when I had some struggles trying to get outside, run long miles on the treadmill, whatever. I apparently got very comfortable with the fact that I was out.

Regardless, since I have come to peace with the fact that training in the winter is the harder time of year for me. I seem to feel better in the summer and fall, I guess.

As a result, I have been making a plan for fall. And I think I might have it locked in.

Yep. I am in. I had a guaranteed entry from running in Columbus last year (from my time) so I applied for it and was accepted as a result. I am going for the big BQ once again in the fall.

Not only that, but due to some discussions with an old high school friend, there has been some coaching discussions. So... be on the lookout for that... It is coming.


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