Some training notes on flexibility

So I have been looking back at my training cycle and trying to pin down different things that have happened, how they have maybe effected me (or not) and try and look at it and see how I can do better next time. I worked very hard to try and be more flexible this cycle, knowing that I had to be that. I knew that it would be better for me to be more open this cycle and try not to get very stringent about training.

I have certainly struggled since I started training for big races finding a balance between my "regular life" and training, and this cycle was a test. I started lifting again, but still managed to get the majority of the mileage that I wanted to get by shifting my days around, running in the morning and then adding additional miles while warming up before lifting. It made things work out.

I also learned that it is a little bit difficult sometimes to run the paces that I need to run for my speedwork first thing in the morning. But I am going to continue to make it work. I have to. I think that as I get back into marathon-mode, I am going to need to run in the morning almost all that I can. It is definitely going to be the easiest way to make sure I can log all of my miles.

Occasionally I did runs (usually a tempo and a long run) on back to back days on the weekend because that was the easiest time to make sure that I got them both done. It is all about making sure that I can best get the appropriate amount of training.

So here are some numbers for the training cycle (reminder: I have about 8 more miles to run this cycle.)
309 miles run
4 pair of shoes rotated
105 lbs squat (new PR! for 4 sets of 12 reps)
6:44 fastest mile
8:30 or faster - most runs

So here we go. Let's run hard.


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