Less than a week

So I am now less than a week out from the Glass City Half Marathon, a race that I PR'd at a year ago after not training the way that I should have. This year, I have trained my rear end off after all of the training I did in the fall for Columbus and then falling off the wagon for a short time. But regardless, this year I am ready for a REAL race with a well-earned PR instead of one that I just lucked into. I am very much ready.

I keep telling myself that, I have been telling myself that for weeks, and after two back to back 12 milers, I truly feel as through I have properly trained, even though the cycle was not without its flaws.

But I am ready. I am ready.

I will review my training cycle soon, and go into race goals later this week, but for right now, I want to take a deep breath and focus on how things went and try and focus on running fast and feeling good.

Here goes nothing!


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