GCM follow up

So I am sitting in my hotel room in Sioux Falls, SD. The last time I was here I started writing a blog post, and it sat in my drafts for MONTHS, and I do not know that I ever actually posted it.

Today is my first day back on the workout train after the GCM on Sunday. I got up at 6:30 am (CST) and headed down to the hotel gym for a quick three miles. After that (progressive pace, 8:24 average), I did a solid core workout (including this one from one of my HEROES!) and did some basic leg strengtheners (squats, bulgarian split squats, calf raises, donkey kicks, sumo squats) with the free weights that my hotel gym had available. You do what you can, right? I will head down there again tomorrow, I think, for a similar workout.

I have two more pics from GCM that have not been posted yet.
Me, my cousin Megan (first half!) my Uncle Joe (you may remember pics of him from other Toledo races) and Megan's son Quin. I am so proud of Megan for running her first half, and her husband for running his first (and only, so he says) full. We shall see where they end up landing, after all, Uncle Joe said last year was his only, and he obviously has now done another.

I am definitely already wondering if Megan is done or not. I know that she and Pete are planning to come down and run the Hudy with me in the fall, so maybe we can discuss it then.

And of course, I had to meet up with Jen and Deloris again AFTER the race to see how they did. They both said they had decent races, but were a little disappointed (understandable, that happens.) But overall, it was a great morning in Toledo!


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