Finally writing

My final post was written nearly a month ago. Let's be honest, that is really pretty damn sad. I miss writing. I miss the consistency that I used to have updating this. I miss being able to express myself through the written word and having a relationship with other writers. My work life and home life have been so busy that I have not even been able to think about it.

I guess it is what it is...  Sometimes things get in the way of all of the things that you want to do and you just need to make it happen.

And maybe sometime I will just figure out my schedule well enough in order to balance all of the things that I would like to be able to do. But for now, I prioritize and I just make do with the time that I have to really hammer through the important things. And work and Roo and J have to be the priority all the time, they just do.

We are nearly over the busy hump at work (I hope), and my time will become slightly more flexible, and I might be able to squeeze in other workouts or time to write. I keep saying that, I feel like I have been saying that for months, but this time I might actually mean it. We have been going through the audit at work and it just has been never ending. But I really think that there is a chance that we might be over the big hump at the end of April.

I am hoping for June to be a nice relaxed month because we have a lot on the books that month. There are the obvious things, Father's Day (Addie and I are starting to make plans!) and my birthday. But then there are less obvious things like planned trips. One weekend J will be gone in Vegas for a conference. On Wednesday of the following week, I am flying out there to join him for a long weekend. The following week, I am flying out to Salt Lake City to meet a few Oiselle ladies to run the Ragnar Relay out there. It will be my first Ragnar experience, although not my first overnight relay. And then I will be back in Ohio just in time for my birthday!

But here is a few quick Roo shots, because I am sure you all (if anyone is still reading!) miss her little nugget face!

And yes, she still has a Paci. She is the "class biter" so if she tries to bite someone, they stick that in her mouth. Let's be honest, I would rather have her do that than bite another kid!

And a few where you can see her sweet face. She is the best.


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