A Relaxed Saturday

Gosh darn it. I am upset that I have not had the time to get in here and post lately. Once again, work has completely taken over my life, I have not had much time to write, and my workouts have also been suffering.

I am determined to make the flip BACK to morning workouts next week. I have to. Getting a workout in keeps me feeling happy, so I think it is very important for me to be consistent.

Last night I was taking a shower and thinking. I might head over to a sporting goods store of some kind (I am hoping to find a "play it again sports" close to our house) and buying an EZ bar and maybe even a standard barbell with a few weights. I know what weights I might like to have, and I know which ones to get first as well, since I know that I would have to be purchasing these in shifts. I am not sure that I am going to do it at this point, but I am definitely starting to think about it. I mean, it obviously is going to be a big deal to spend a good chunk of change, but it will be worth it eventually, I think.

Today is Saturday, Addie is in bed, and J is in Florida for some work stuff (and also some fun stuff). We are planning on running some errands this morning for groceries and to target, because obviously target is necessary. I mean, that is a standard. Then we will come home, I will give Addie some lunch, and then off to naptime for her. When she is down for her nap, I am planning on squeezing in a quick 6-7 mile tempo, eating lunch, and hopefully getting my brown bananas baked into some bread (fingers crossed I find a good recipe!)

I think Target is basically going to involve summer clothes for Addie and I. The only clothes I have for summer are running things, and I am trying to step things up a bit. And obviously with her, she is growing like a little weed, like most going-on-2 year olds. So we should be having a pretty good day. Dinner is TBD today, since we were originally going to have a playdate that got cancelled, unfortunately. So we will see what we end up doing. I would like to try some new recipe or something since J is out of town!

Wish us luck!


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