working through stress

So what are your thoughts on following your dreams? I know that my dreams have significantly changed and updated over the years. I mean, for example...

  1. When I graduated from college it was all about career. I wanted to be a partner in a firm, and that was it. It was the only real goal I had.
  2. Time passed, and I decided that maybe a family was the way to go.
  3. I have the family now, and I need to spend some more time reaching out, figuring myself out and finding a balance in my life between the above things...
So it has been a long and winding road. It can be difficult to think about the fact that I have been through years and years of therapy, and that is necessary for me to really dig in and try to figure myself out. 
Using what I am learning in therapy through emotional brain training is really helping me to dig in and figure out where my stress wires are. I likely tend to lean toward the stress in my brain, rather than the potential joy (what is considered to be the highest brain state in this training). I know that I need to spend time working through my states a little bit better than I have been, and I need to pay more attention to myself and "check-in" more to make sure that I am staying on track.

Obviously, I am not a therapist, and if you need help with issues like I have needed, please seek out the help of a professional, but I definitely recommend looking into EBT, because it has done a lot for my mindset recently.


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