Week of workouts, February 9

Another week has flown by, and so I have gotten through another week of workouts. This is the second week in a row where I did my training, but the focus was not on the running despite 4 days of runs and following my plan (well, as far as number of runs, miles, and speedwork. I mixed up the days a little bit). So let's look at how the week shook out, and see where I can maybe make improvements rolling into a new week.

Monday: Strength - leg day. Followed a workout laid out to me by an old coach. Definitely already feeling stronger, as I was not sore for days after this workout like I was following my first leg day, despite the fact that I increased some weights and really focused on squatting deep.
Tuesday: 5 miles of speedwork. Warm up, 6x400m @ 6:49 (supposed to be at 6:44, so I will try for that again another time), cooldown.
Wednesday: 3 miles easy, upper body
Thursday: off (took a rest day to go eat sushi for lunch with my coworkers. Then 2 of my faves and I stopped for ice cream on the way back. It was a well-enjoyed rest day)
Friday: strength - leg day again!
Saturday: 6 mile long run
Sunday: 3 miles, easy, and upper body strength

Another solid week of workouts are under my belt. Another 4 runs, another 4 days of strength training. I am very pleased that I was able to get through workouts again for another week. Adding strength training to the mix is absolutely making me feel good and strong. I need that feeling, so I am really happy to be able to be able to make the time to make it work. It is the only thing that is really helping me continue to be inspired to keep working out. I was so burnt out on running that it was making all workouts difficult. And now I am feeling like I am getting back to it. Phew.

How were your workouts this week?


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