Some more relaxed racing

So even though running a marathon is not on my calendar for the current year, I am still running. I am running a Spring half as my goal race, but I am also planning on running and racing for fun this year. I am not 100% on all of the races that I am going to do in the current year, but knowing that I am spending some more time focusing on getting strong, there are definitely going to be more shorter distance races this year. Those are more fun anyway (at least, that is how I feel at the moment. Ask me again in a few months).

Charlie thinks with all of the strength training that I have been doing, I should be able to get FAST for more 5K and 10K distance. I guess we will be testing that out this year.

So here is the race plan for the year, tentatively.

Heart Mini - 15K - Cincinnati, OH
Glass City Marathon - Half - Toledo, OH (goal race)
Little Kings Mile - 1 Mile - Cincinnati, OH
Flying Pig 5K (potentially with coworkers for their first race ever) - Cincinnati, OH
Flying Pig Marathon Relay (I will run leg 1)
Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back with team Bird Machine - Wasatch Back to Park City Utah
Bourbon Chase Relay - ending in Lexington KY

Obviously, most of this is subject to change, but I am looking forward to having FUN racing this year. I think if I spend more time enjoying it, the pressure will be off, and running will become what it was to me in the past. Something that I did because I loved it and it relaxed me. Not something that I was doing with certain time goals or qualifying standards to meet. I know that it can happen. After all, it happened as recently as thanksgiving this past year! Look at my face in this pic for proof!
So here is to FUN racing in 2015!


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