Seeking balance, one day at a time.

In addition to making some changes to my workouts that were much needed, I am trying to make more changes in my daily life, that will hopefully lead to higher productivity and additional things accomplished. I am spending time before I leave for work in the evening trying to plan out what I need to get done the following day, that way I have a good starting point right off the bat. Hopefully, that will help me nail workouts, get blogs written, do other writing, get my daily work done, and maybe, hopefully, with a little smattering of luck, spend some time with my family too.

Of course, this is a daily struggle for me. Finding time to do everything that needs to be done is not easy, and this blog is a fantastic example of it. After all, I wrote that first paragraph about making time on Tuesday morning. Tuesday! It is Saturday now, and I am still attempting to get it written. And I think that Saturday morning may be just the ticket. Maybe this is the day that I should get up early, make coffee and spend a few hours writing a week's worth of posts to try and be more "updated". It is worth a try (today it did not happen - I slept in until nearly 8 am and it was worth every second of not being productive!)

But since I have coined 2015 as the year of finding balance, sleep will be important too, right? And when I am up half the night coughing up a lung, despite various OTC medicines, sleep is going to be necessary to make sure that I feel better faster and am able to continue on in the year of balance. Not to mention, be productive at work, which is unceasingly important.

So yes, before I leave work in the evening, I have been trying to create my list of to-dos for the next day. That at least gives me a plan of attack for when I come into the office in the morning. Granted, with the way that this week went, it was not necessarily the winner of ways to go about it. Things change so quickly there and priorities just shift dramatically. But at least if there is a moment of downtime in the nonstop that is my job currently, I know what I can be working on. Because I have to get everything done at some point in time,

I am considering taking today and tomorrow and trying to compile an all-encompassing month of February list, in hopes that I will be able to hammer through all of it and have a successful month despite the craziness. I know I have some travel coming up for work, maybe a trip with my mom and Addie, and hopefully some vacations in the summertime! So for now, I just need to get through everything and make it work from now until it is done (or until the next things comes, which at the rate things are going, will be what happens first!)


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