Routine Changes

As I mentioned in my previous entry, I am really trying to focus more on ME, and things that I want to do rather than on the things that I feel like I have to do. And please, remember, this is not me shirking off any responsibilities, the things that I am skipping are more like training for a marathon. As a runner who is no where nearly professional, I definitely do not have to run a marathon. Why would I pressure myself so much if I am not enjoying it?

Charlie and I were discussing it via our company's internal instant messaging service last week. I told him about my decision to drop to the half in Toledo (I think he was pretty much expecting it, knowing how my motivation to run has been lacking). And we started chatting about the things that I was going to do. I want to focus on things that I enjoy. I want to enjoy what I am doing because I workout because I like it and it makes me feel good about myself. Not because I have to.

Obviously, working out is good for you, etc, but that is truly not the reason that I do it. I really do love feeling strong. Feeling physically fit, etc. It makes me feel great to know what I am capable of in that manner, and so I was feeling unlike myself when training for the marathon and not really wanting to be active at all.

Last week, I lifted 4 times. 4. That is more than I have done in months and months. Heck, maybe years. I am so pleased with how I felt after, and how my body reacted to that much weight on its shoulders in such a long time. Last Monday I lifted legs. I have done a lot of squats, etc, over the last two years, but maybe only one day (or a very few more) where I stood in the squat rack with a weighted bar on my shoulders. I am so grateful for the realization that I was pushing myself to do something that I was not feeling particularly passionate about. I know the desire to run a marathon will come back, and when it does, I will do that. But right now, it is not high on my list. With limited time to do anything, why would I spend a TON of time every week doing something that I do not really love? (And yes, I openly accept that things that I love change with the seasons.)

So my first leg day? Here was the workout:
My weights may not have been quite as high as they once were, but it really felt good to push myself in this way. The full strength will come back. I know that. For now, I want to work on building more consistency. The other thing that will improve is the soreness. I hurt for days after this workout (PS, don't leave squats for the end. That'll kill ya!) but when I did legs again on Friday I felt MUCH better, much stronger, and much more ready to take on a run than I did after the first workout.

I have high hopes to keep it up again this week.


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