I know that I never really set any goals for 2015. I typically LOVE to have an "end game" when it comes to goal setting, etc. Right now, I do not have one. Not even a little. No marathon. No competition. No weight gain or loss goals. No races. No books to read. I set zero 2015 resolutions or goals. Zero.

That is something that I am struggling with. I tend to have a very much singular focus when I get something in my head that is some sort of goal. Obviously, that is not a super healthy thing. I need to be a well rounded adult. And the way that I tend to react to things, it might be better for me if I do not have any super solid goals or plans for the year. It will hopefully help me to focus on myself and getting "well" and getting "balanced" which is obviously what I have had a ton of issues with over the last few years.

I know that my singular focus can interfere in most ways of my life. Certainly, it can be in the way of me having solid and healthy relationships whether it is with friends or anything else.

I know that generally goals are a positive thing in life, but when they tend to completely overtake your life, that is when you have issues. And I am definitely one of those all or nothing type of people. I know that it is something that I need to really work on, so that is pretty much my ONLY resolution for 2015.

Do not set goals. Figure out what you want to do/enjoy and do it. Have fun. Work out for fun and leanness, but don't obsess about it. Enjoy.

So here is the ACTUAL planless plan.

  1. read books. for fun. not a certain number, but when you want to.
  2. run races. any distance. any times. have FUN with it.
  3. lift weights. I love lifting weights. so do it.
  4. don't freak out over a missed workout. it is ONE workout.
  5. play with addie. she will be 3 before i know it.
  6. be honest when i want to do things or NOT do things. be upfront about my feelings.
So there you have it. 6 goals that have no parameters around them.


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