Wednesday Speedwork

Believe it or not, despite feeling rather down in the dumps, I occasionally will have a decent workout. I am struggling sometimes with motivation as we discussed yesterday. But sometimes something clicks and even when I do not feel up to running, I may get a decent workout in.

Yesterday, Charlie and I escaped the office for and hour and headed over to the gym, the Blue Ash Rec Center, a gym that I belonged to in my time living in Blue Ash. I no longer live there and I no longer belong to that gym. But I do still work in that little city and so I could legitimately still belong to the gym. Charlie does. So I went with him, as his guest.

I actually suggested a workout to him, that would likely be a bit of a challenge, but still doable. He had to do six miles, so I pushed him to run a 1-4-1 tempo with the tempo miles at 7:15. I am about 95% sure that he completed it. I had more of a speedwork workout planned, although I kind of modified it based on how I was feeling.

I alternated between the treadmill and the indoor track to add some additional variety. I do not have actual paces for this workout as I did not wear a watch or run on the treadmill, but based on how I felt afterward and even how I feel today, I would say I did a pretty good job getting it done.

Here is yesterdays speedwork:
1 mile treadmill (variety of paces between 8:27-8:49)
3 miles speedwork - 0.10 all out effort, 0.10 recovery
1 mile treadmill (variety of paces between 8:27-8:49)

So I covered 5 miles in no idea what pace, other than the fact that it hurt. I was somewhat in pain after this workout ended and had to spend a good amount of time before bed last night with my foam roller and a lot of stretching. My glutes are extremely sore and very tight right now, and I am definitely hoping to be able to shake them out a little bit by running again at lunch time. We will see how everything shakes out with today's schedule, but of course, that is the plan for today.

And now, here is what I WANT to be doing today instead of working or shaking out my legs with a run.
Hilarious, right? I love this gal.


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