Thanksgiving Day Racing

So yeah, it has been three month since I wrote here. I had a half written entry from when I was in Sioux Falls, South Dakota at the beginning of December, but I never finished writing it, I never got all the way through the entry, obviously. Since I have not managed to post anything since well before Thanksgiving.

So I guess I can start this entry that I am finally getting around to writing by chatting about Thanksgiving. Naturally, we headed up to Toledo for the holiday, and had plans to race on Thanksgiving morning with some family members. Even Addison was going to come with us to race. She was going to hang out in her jogger and my mom was going to take her. So Thanksgiving morning the whole family (well, my mom, Addie, J, my brother Joey, and myself) piled into J's car, and drove to the East Side of Toledo, to run the East Side Turkey Trot, the same race I PR'd in when I was approximately 4 weeks pregnant with Addie.

But this year, 2 years later, she was with us in a different way, she is snuggled up in her stroller, wearing a hat, gloves, hood, blankets in the stroller, etc. It was a chilly morning, but not completely unbearable, which I was grateful for. And I was extra grateful, since J didn't want to run if it was too cold. Obviously, with Addie with us, so not frozen was a better way for the weather to be.

I had a goal to break 22 minutes in this race. I placed first in my age group and broke 25 minutes for the first time (in fact, broke 23 minutes!) two years prior, and I have come a very long way since then. So I knew that I should be capable. And that would justify my marathon goal, since breaking 22 can convert to a sub-3:35 marathon time. The original plan was for me to start out with my cousin Pete who ran a 21 something a few times over the summer. If I started with him, my goal would be just to hang on.

It turned out, We started together as planned, I passed him about one mile in, and then he spent the rest of the race hanging on. We pretty much crossed the finish line together.
I love this photo because in it, I look thrilled to have met my goal and Pete looks like he might want to kill me. And yes, I was hurting, and yes, I choked a bit after the race. And yes, I needed to be by myself for a few minutes to catch my breath and make sure that I was not going to throw up before going to chat and talk to Pete and see how he felt. When I was recovered, I went and found him, sitting on the curb, also beat. He looked up, handed me some water, and I joined him on the curb, and we waited for the rest of our family.

We finished the race in 21:45 - well, Pete finished in 21:44, the ass. :) This put me in 4th place for the 30-35 age group.
Uncle Joe finished in second place in his age group, and so we were both able to collect our turkey trophies. We were the winner's of our family, and we were happy to have some many folks with us, finishing the race, and feeling great about our holiday.
It was a pretty good group of people to spend the morning with. Look at Addie crawling out of my mom's arms. She is definitely ready to go home at that point.

But she recovered quickly to spend Thanksgiving with us in a new shirt with her favorite Christmastime characters on it.
I love this little nugget.

Hope your Thanksgiving was very good too, and more on the last two months later.


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