Roo and the lil sis

Monday, monday...  We have gotten through a nice long weekend (that was not long at all) where I headed up to Toledo to celebrate with my baby sister who is having a baby in March. I do not have too many pictures of the event because I will busy hosting the party, although admittedly, I am eternally grateful for my aunts and the help that they were able to give me for this party. Without them, it would not have happened.

So just in case any of my Aunts come across this blog when they are looking for... who knows what on google...  THANK YOU!

Karen came with Addie and I to Toledo, and she was on Roo duty when Grandma was not, which I am thankful for. So thanks to the best future MIL that Roo could have for keeping your eyes on her while Mom was busy.

So, lil sis, hope your shower that was one week ago was everything that you wanted.


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