Home with Sickie

It is Friday morning at around 6:30 am. I am working from home today because I have a little sickie that I am hanging out with today. She is asleep at the moment, so I am trying to get a few work things done. I figure if I can slam through a few hours of work now, it will be a little bit less to worry about trying to get through once Addie is awake. Obviously, it is much more difficult to work when I have a little nugget who is trying to hassle me.
That is a sick baby selfie from yesterday.

You can tell how wiped out she was feeling. I love the sweet thing, but I really hate it when she is not feeling great. I am glad that Bossman got the Board meeting moved so we have a little bit of extra time to get things for year end squared away. Otherwise, it would probably be really tricky for me to stay home and work from here with her. So I am grateful for that announcement that he gave to us on Wednesday afternoon.

I have not actually talked to anyone (well, almost anyone) from work since I had to head out yesterday to get Addie from daycare and take her up to the doctor. The SLT meeting was going on (a management meeting) so most of the people that I would have wanted to talk to were in that meeting. I brought Addie over to the window of the conference room and let her wave to everyone - she got a lot of smiles from my friends - and then we headed out for our doctor's appointment.


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