Base Building: 2 weeks of logs

I have been starting to work on building up my mileage and my speed again, in preparation for the official start of marathon training season, which begins on January 4 for a 16 week plan culminating in the Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon. And hopefully my BQ as well! At least that is the plan and the goal.

So since I am just base-building, I am keeping updates to a bi-weekly place, since I am not needing to focus QUITE so much on the mileage just yet. But it will be good to keep track of where I am as I continue to ramp things back up as I start to roll into my new training plan and get ready to start really focusing my efforts toward a single goal.

So, let's look at the beginning of November and see how things are rolling out so far for the month.

Week of November 3
Monday: 4 miles progressive - 7:46 avg pace
Tuesday: OFF
Wednesday: 4 miles easy
Thursday: 4 miles easy, 0.7 miles walked
Friday: OFF
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: 5 miles

Week of November 10
Monday: OFF
Tuesday: 4.5 miles, 6x400m @ 6:35
Wednesday: 4 miles easy
Thursday: OFF
Friday: 4 miles easy
Saturday 6.15 miles @ 7:55 pace
Sunday: OFF (well, pushups when the Chiefs scored)

First week - 17.7 miles
Second week: 18.65 miles

Not bad, not bad. I am enjoying the 6-ish mile long runs, but that will not work for too much longer. Pretty soon I am going to have to start ramping it up again, and while I am semi-ready for that, I am not sure that it is going to be super fun. I am tired right now just thinking about it, but that is more likely exhaustion from all of the work. Hopefully things relax a little bit and then I can get back to my real life - running.


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