Surgical repairs

Yesterday was surgery day. I am not sure if I mentioned that being in my plan or not. Ha! But it is done now.

If you recall, when I was about 26-ish weeks pregnant, last May, I was running a 5K (and SLOWLY running it, I was pregnant, after all) and turned my ankle in a pothole. I bit it, hard, on the pavement and wound up completely fracturing my elbow. The bone on the tip was actually completely severed from the rest of the bone, and remained attached to my tricep, so it actually pulled that bone piece up to the middle of my arm. So surgical repair was the option for me.

Now, 18 ish months later, I was having pain from my hardware. Weird pain too, like it would hurt when a seam from a sweatshirt hit the scar incorrectly or something. And that seems crazy to me. I mean, that is nothing! So I got with Dr. Penix, my surgeon, and he said that the most common way to get rid of that pain? Remove the hardware. So, I went to my pre-op, got cleared, scheduled the surgery for three days after the marathon, and yesterday I arrived at the surgical center at 6 am for my 7:30 am surgery. It was definitely going to be different than my original surgery because I was going to actually get to have some anesthesia this time! Not being pregnant makes a huge difference to what you are able to do.

(PS - I can also have some slightly stronger painkillers this time. Winning!)

They brought me back into the pre-op section, made me pee in a cup (pregnancy test), and then closed the curtain around me so I could get into my hospital gown. I haven't worn one of those things since Addie was born! You gotta love the open back hospital gowns and the socks with grippers on the bottom. That is the best thing about hospitals. Ha! After that, the nurse came back, got me a blanket and taped my ear. They always tape my left ear because I have an earring that I have a difficult time getting in and out. After that, she got me set up for my IV. I was to take one bag of saline and a small amount of antibiotics over the course of the surgery. Luckily, my veins are decent on my left side (they are collapsed in my right elbow) and she had no issues getting the IV into my hand on the first try.

The anesthesiologist came in to talk to me, said that he was not going to give me a block this time. He filled me in on his plan, etc, let me know that yes, you can have some nausea, etc, as a result, but that I should be ok (young, healthy, etc). 10 minutes after that, he gave me my cocktail - at least that is what he called it - squirting two syringes into my IV. I was then wheeled into the operating room where I chatted with everyone back there and then nothing. As far as I know I could have gone out in the middle of a sentence.

Here is what came out of my elbow.
7 screws and a plate. That is hard to believe! And yes, I brought it home with me and I will keep it forever. The screws are quite a bit longer than I would have expected.

I am curious to see what this bow looks like now. I am curious what my incision looks like since it got reopened yesterday. But for right now, I am all wrapped up.
But soon, this will be gone and I will feel great and things will be good. And it will be back to running and back to training.

Here goes.


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