September Goals Review.

So, we have survived another month. So let's get through the month end review and see where we ended up on our month goals, shall we? I have not set monthly goals too frequently in 2014. A lot of this year was about survival of my job, survival of parenting a baby and now a toddler, and just getting by, but as the year has gone on, I somehow have become more secure. I have been able to get more done on a daily basis. I have slowly, slowly, slowly started to feel like a human again.

Thank goodness. Addie is one after all. I was afraid my human days might have been numbered upon becoming a mommy!

So, now that I am beginning to feel more like normal, I am feeling ok about attempting to set some goals each month. Granted, I did not accomplish everything that I wanted to in September, not even close, but I am glad to see things rolling out as though I am getting something done. So let's review September.

  1. Log 150 Miles - eh, close. I ran 141.84 miles in August
  2. Have 2 successful 20 mile runs - check! The second one was difficult, yes, but nailed our training paces!
  3. strength train 4 times (once per week) - Um...  3 times. Close enough?
  1. Finish the book I am reading. - Done. Finished up Run Less, Run Faster
  2. Write 10000 words - Yep! I actually wrote 12,006
  3. schedule a hair appointment - Done and got it chopped!
  1. go on a date. with or without Addie to a place we don't go frequently. - Yep! The three of us tried a new place - Anderson Pub & Grill just last week.
  2. Send the hubby a card, just because - bought the card. Haven't written anything in it yet. 50%?
  3. Plan a fall trip - MISERABLE fail on this one.
  1. Play at the park - Yep!
  2. Go for 4 walks - Sure did!
  3. learn to walk (addie) - Girl can walk, she just doesn't know it yet. She will take two and three steps at a time regularly though.
Interesting...  Not a great month, but certainly not a bad one. I am just trying to keep it up for the remainder of the year. I think I got this. 


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