Next on deck

I now I have one entire day between me and the marathon. I have had an entire day to digest what happened on Sunday, question every single decision that I made on race day and question whether or not any of those decisions would have changed the end of the day. Would I have been faster? Maybe. Would I have qualified? Maybe. But that has passed. That ship has sailed for this particular marathon and now it is the time to reflect on the things that went well, and maybe make some edits to the things that went wrong.

I don't have all of the answers from this cycle or all of the plans for the next cycle yet, but suffice to say, I want to try again. I ran very hard. I can run harder, I think. I can plan better, fuel better, take advantage of small downhills and tackle uphills more effectively. I can stick with my speedwork and tempo runs more than I have in the past (yeah, they completely fell off the horizon in the last few weeks of prep) and use that to help maintain my strength. I can crosstrain more frequently or take less rest days. I can do the strength training that I am supposed to do. There are always things to improve.

So I have been chatting with Krista. She is a Toledo friend that is also trying to qualify. We were originally internet friends who have now met in person and run together. She is planning on making her next attempt in Toledo on April 26, 2015. The Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon.
I am definitely thinking that I am leaning this way as well. I like the idea of having a friend there with me to run. Even though, like I did in Columbus this weekend, we will need to plan to stick together for as long as we can, but run our own races overall. That is the way that it has to be, because we do not want the other person to be dragged down in any way. Now, I am feeling sad that Karen's race did not go according to plan, but I am glad that mine was as close to plan as it could have been.

I need to figure out what my training plan will be, and how I am going to go about getting there, but it looks like BQ attempt 2 will be in April.


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