Marathon Training: Week 19 of 20

Well, well, 6 days to go. I am now only 6 days away from marathon number 2 - the one that has been filling a large majority of my thoughts for the last 19 weeks. Yes, there are other parts of my life that exist, my job and family and friends - both new running friends (Greg & Charlie) and old running friends - best friends - Karen, but everything has come down to one day that is 6 days away.

Last week was a very light one. I ran only three times. I did nothing else - other than walk around Frankenmuth with Rachel, Megan, Aunt Laurie and my mom. But that is a workout for sure. It was a lot of time on my feet, so I am counting that as my 4th run. HA!

Monday: 4.6 miles with Greg. pouring rain + hills
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: 4 miles with Greg
Thursday: off
Friday: off
Saturday: walking in Frankenmuth
Sunday: 8 miles (2 of trails) at Wildwood - 8:30 pace

Yeah, a very light week. Whoops. Oh well.

6 days to go.


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