Marathon Training: Week 18

I am now less than 2 weeks away from the Columbus Marathon. Wow. Part of me feels like I have been training forever. The other part of me feels like this 20 week plan just started.
But I am feeling pretty good now. I got in my 4 runs that I planned last week, which was a win. Some days I struggle with logging everything that I need to or want to, but last week was an exception. I nailed it. And I am pleased with that.

So here is the week in the review. There will only be two more of these with hopefully a follow up race recap. Fingers crossed.

Monday: 5 miles at an 8:34 pace
Tuesday: 15 minutes of strength training using a 22 lb baby weight
Wednesday: 5 miles at an 8:12 pace
Thursday: rest
Friday: 5 miles at an 8:16 pace
Saturday: 12 solo miles (I point out solo because I sometimes struggle when I am running solo) at an 8:25 pace.
Sunday: 2 mile walk with Addie and the stroller.

29 miles total, One strength workout. One walk. One full rest day.

Overall, I  had a good week, that I am happy with. I know that it was difficult one, and I might not have done the overall mileage that I wanted to do, but I did pretty well. I am pleased with that.

How was your week in training?


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