Marathon Training: Recovery week

I was not sure that I was going to write this post, but I made the decision that SO MANY people struggle the week after a marathon. After you come down from the high of finishing, you sink into a level of depression (ok, I did!) that you feel can only be cleared up by immediately beginning to train for your next race. I get it, trust me.

I obviously took the more unconventional approach to forcing myself to rest, which may have blown up even more than the average person. Being completely UNABLE to run made me want to even more, in case that was even possible. I researched ALL of the races, planned out every single run from now until GCM, and focused on running and running only for the entire week.

So yeah, if you want to force yourself to take time off from running and make yourself rather miserable in the process because it ends up being all you can think about, I highly recommend scheduling surgery. Regardless, I got through the procedure and while I am still wrapped up shoulder to wrist and I have not taken a shower since last Wednesday (I am stuck with baths because I can keep my arm out of the water easily), I am finally feeling back to normal and ready to tackle these few weeks before the East Side Turkey Trot, which I would love to run in 21:xx. *crosses fingers*

I spent a few days last week sitting on my butt, but there were a few days when I just NEEDED to do something. So here is the recovery week in review:
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: rest (wanted to run, convinced myself otherwise)
Wednesday: surgery
Thursday: 1.78 mile walk with Carol
Friday: rest
Saturday: 3.22 mile walk with Addie/stroller
Sunday: 3.25 miles on the treadmill (1 mile was run!)

Total: 8.25 miles - not bad, not bad...

Yep, that is what my ridiculous self looked like getting ready to hop on the TM yesterday. Normal running stuff + a gigantic arm bandage. I rewrapped it this morning. The swelling has gone way way down, which made the bandage be ridiculously loose. Now that I am rewrapped up, it feels much better. Still have not seen the incision point though because I am coated in gauze. I guess that can wait till Thursday.

So, recovery week is over, now it is all about base building until training officially starts on 1/4/2015. Here we go!


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