Birds planning

I have not taken any pain meds since yesterday at about 6:30 pm. I am definitely trying to steer clear of them today. I think I will just feel better knowing that I am done with them for this surgery. The swelling seems to be going down as well because my Ace bandage is beginning to loosen up around my arm. So all of these things are positive progress.

This morning, I climbed into the giant tub in my bathroom (seriously, it feels like an absolutely enormous tub!) to relax a bit, shave my legs so I feel a little bit more like a human, and attempt to avoid getting my bandages wet. Obviously, a shower would be much preferred, but I was pretty much told that was not an option. Too much risk of getting things wet, I guess. It is one of those things that I hate, but darn it, I have got to get through this time until the 30th when I get to go back to the doctor and hopefully get all of my bandages off.

I have been planning some birds, since I have not have much else going on these last few days. I know that I am not 100% sure when these birds will happen, but it is something I have been thinking about for a long time that I feel like I need to do. I have been struggling with self, and the freedom of the birds will hopefully give me a feeling a freedom that I have felt like I have been missing.

Lately things have felt rather claustrophobic and I have felt very...  enclosed. I want some level of freedom that I might be able to see on my body since I cannot just get up and take off in the way that I want to.

I have a lot that I am feeling right now, as I am getting ready to dive into my next training plan, but right now, for this moment, I need to focus on the fact that I need to get this BQ.

Here I come GCM - BQ or bust!


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