Upcoming Weekend

This weekend is going to be a big one, I think. Yes, we are going to be busy, but for the first time, since the very beginning of August, all of the plans that we have are just with us. We don't have plans externally with visitors or me being gone all day to run to Dayton. Just J, Addie-Roo, and I enjoying our weekend together. I mean, yes, I do have a long run this weekend (holy crap, including tomorrow there is 5 more long runs and then the longest of all of them!) but after that, I am free!

So the tentative rundown for the weekend:
Saturday - 20 mile run
home to shower and get ready while Addie naps
run errands
grab an early bird dinner as a family
home to hang out

Sunday - family photos (check out Green Fairie Productions for some of the Roo's greatest pics!)
home for lunch and football!

So yeah, it should be a pretty great weekend.

Speaking of pictures, I got the first of Addie's 1st birthday pics. She is a goof.
Carol says it is not the cutest one, but she loves it because you can see all of Addie's little teeth! (She has popped three more through since this was taken!)

Have a lovely weekend, and wish me luck on my 20!


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