September Goals

So... September? Not sure how we got here already, but I am glad to be through the summer. We are now entering the best time of the year, the fall. The temps should start dropping off any time now, and the weather will get more pleasant for running. My body will re-adapt to the temps that it actually enjoys running in, and hopefully my times will reflect that level of comfort that is coming on. It has been a pretty long summer, even though the weather was not too bad, considering, it still was a little bit too humid for my liking. I guess maybe I can/should set some goals for September?

Maybe if I break the goals apart into sections for various parts of my life, I will accomplish something OTHER than RUNNING ALL THE MILES. I would like to set three goals in each area of my life.

  1. Log 150 Miles
  2. Have 2 successful 20 mile runs
  3. strength train 4 times (once per week)
  1. Finish the book I am reading. 
  2. Write 10000 words
  3. schedule a hair appointment
  1. go on a date. with or without Addie to a place we don't go frequently.
  2. Send the hubby a card, just because
  3. Plan a fall trip
  1. Play at the park
  2. Go for 4 walks
  3. learn to walk (addie)
How does that look for a month? Do-able? Totally crazy? What are your goals for September?


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