Marathon Training: Week 14 of 20

Another week of training has come and gone, and I believe I am left with just 6 weeks to go at this point. In addition, this weekend's long run was broken up into three parts, because I ran with 5 other folks in the Market-to-Market Ohio relay.
Obviously, this relay deserves a full post in its honor. It was way too much fun to not get one, but this is not the post for that. This is the post where I review my weekly mileage and plans and see how we did for the week.

So let's take a quick peek at last week and see where I landed.

Monday: 7.5 miles, 8x400m repeats
Tuesday: strength workout, bodyweight
Wednesday: 7 easy with fast finish, 2.25 mile walk with stroller
Thursday: 5 at race pace
Friday: rest
Saturday: Market-to-market 11.38 miles run, 7:49 average pace. 13 total miles
Sunday: 3.38 mile walk with stroller

38.13 total miles.
2 walks
1 strength
1 race

Another good week of workouts, and only 6 more to go!


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