A Running Book to create the plan

So, about a year or a year and a half ago, I was pulled into a book when I was at the nearby Half Price Books. I typically look for random things, but since I kind of dove headfirst into running, I always stop in the sports section to see what kind of running books are available. I found one that looked interesting to me on this particular trip and bought it. Since then, it has been sitting on the bookshelf. In all honesty, since we moved into our new house and got these new bookshelves, there is an entire shelf of running books, and this one is just sitting there, unread. I have been trying to read more regularly though, so I have been making my way through some of the books on the shelf this year, including finally getting through the first book in the Game of Thrones series (I am about 250 pages into the second).

But then Karen got this same book from a bookstore by her. We started talking training. What are we going to do AFTER Columbus. Right now, we are trying not to focus on the after too much yet, since we have some pretty big goals for this race. Obviously. But at the same time, the plan for after this, hinges on this race. But we both know we are going to be training for some goal races, even though whether it will be a full marathon or a half will be determined by our qualification (or not) to Boston for 2016.

So she read the book first. She passed it along to another girl who we run with on Saturdays. Soon enough, they were both talking about it and talking about how we should be thinking about it for AFTER Columbus. In fact, Chelsa started doing a few workouts from it immediately. (She ran a 20 on pace with what would be recommended here.

So, the book?
Yep. Run Less, Run Faster. Recommending just three (effective) workouts per week to meet your goals. I have read it, have some training paces in mind, and will likely be attempting this plan for my spring full (or half) depending on where the cards land after Columbus.

Wish us all luck trying something new!


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