Marathon Training: Weeks 9&10 of 20

Okay, okay. So I have definitely been terrible at keeping up with this little beauty of a blog. So I now have 2 weeks worth of mileage and workouts to log. It happens, right? Thank goodness for these beautiful things also known as google docs, where all of my #datalove can be tracked and POURED over. I definitely tend to get a little bit over-involved in my data, which is good and bad. But regardless, I am keeping track of everything, and I am very happy to be able to go back and reflect on all of that here, since I got behind.

Week of July 28
Monday: 5 miles, speedwork
Tuesday: 1.04 mile walk, strength training - heavy (this was a mistake. legs hurt for DAY!)
Wednesday: 6 miles easy pace
Thursday: off
Friday: 5.01 miles easy
Saturday: 16.5 miles. 16 miles @ 8:52, 0.50 cooldown walk
Sunday: off

33.55 total miles. 1 day speed, 1 day strength

Week of August 4
Monday: off
Tuesday: 5 mile tempo. 1-3-1. tempo miles @ 7:52, 7:39, 7:16
Wednesday: 5 miles easy
Thursday: 5 miles, speedwork
Friday: 3 mile walk with mom & stroller
Saturday: 18.5 miles. 18 mile run @ 8:42, 0.50 cooldown walk
Sunday: off

36.5 miles. 1 tempo, 1 speed, 1 crosstraining

So in the last two weeks, I have HAMMERED out my workouts for a total of 70+ miles in two weeks. Granted, this is not super high volume overall, but it absolutely is a great start. I made an attempt to get back to strength training the way that I used to (when I am NOT marathon training) - turns out, that is a HUGE mistake. I can't lift super heavy weights and then expect my legs to turn over the way that I want them to. So, I guess on strength type days, we will stick with body weight and core exercises. Lesson learned?

How did your last few weeks of training go?


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