Marathon Training: Weeks 11 & 12 of 20

Gah. Another week with no posting. I am really starting to lose my mind not getting these posts that I want to write up on the blog in a timely manner. Seriously, no posts at all for a week, and I am updating two weeks at a time with my marathon updates. But that means I am two weeks closer to the endgame. The day where I find out if all of the hard work that I have put into this training was worthwhile. I have been working super hard throughout my training plan, and even if I miss a post here and there, I am still hammering home the runs.

So I guess we should do a quick recap of the last two weeks of runs, and see where I am falling right now in my marathon prep. I am definitely beginning to feel nervous, with only 8 weeks left to go, which seems crazy, but I suppose getting through 12 weeks is a pretty good deal so far. :)

Week of August 11
Monday: 6 miles of speed. Warm up. 2x 3x300/100, 400. Cool down.
Tuesday: 2.25 mile walk with Addie. 15 minutes strength
Wednesday: 7.5 miles, easy pace. 8:43 average
Thursday: Tempo. Warm up, 4x2 miles in 15:19, 400m recovery, cooldown
Friday: 3 mile walk with Addie, 27 minutes of 7 minute workout app
Saturday: 13.1 mile run, 4.9 mile walk - 18 total
Sunday: rest

44.25 miles (34.1 run). 10.15 miles walked. 2 strength workouts

Week of August 18
Monday: rest
Tuesday: 6 humid maintenance miles - 8:45 average pace
Wednesday: BIG workout. Warm up. 2x 1200m @ 7:18/mile, 400 recovery. 30 minutes maintenance. 2x 1200m @7:15/mile, 400 recovery. Cooldown. 10.5 miles, 8:28 avg
Thursday: 6 miles, maintenance pace with 6x30s strides. 8:30 average pace
Friday: rest
Saturday: 15 miles, 8:51 average pace
Sunday: rest

37.5 miles, all run.

So last week was not as great as the week before, but the good news is that I nailed my runs, including that big workout. The last time I had a big workout on the calendar, I skipped it because trying to fit in that many miles around work simply was not going to happen for me. This training cycle I made it work. My initial plan was to get my rear end up at 4 am and fit it all in, but because I had a million appointments scheduled on Wednesday, I actually took the day off. So in between appointments 1 and 2 I actually had time to get the entire workout complete in one swoop! I am pretty pleased.

Saturdays long run was a bear, but honestly, it was rough enough that it deserves its own post. Seriously. Ugh. You will see that soon enough!


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